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First Bachelor of Mind Body Medicine in the world. Only 3 year Bachelor of Health Science Naturopathy in Australia Eligible students can apply to defer all or part their tuition fees via VET- FEE HELP an Australian Government initiative for all Australian Citizens Download the most up-to-date, comprehensive information regarding all our Exciting Qualifications. Bachelor, advanced diploma and diploma courses and remedial massage WANT TO STUDY ONLINE? Yes you can! You have the highest quality education at your finger tips! Do you hunger to learn more about Natural Medicine? Student Clinic is open to the public by appointment. We offer naturopathic / homoeopathic consultations, reflexology and massage. 
Be apart of the growing area of Natural Medicine education by becoming a Paramount College of Medicine Franchisee and opening YOUR OWN TRAINING CENTRE

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Paramount College takes pride in offering you the highest quality education. Study Courses in Nutrition, Natural Medicine & Naturopathy. When you choose to do your degree at Paramount College of Natural Medicine you are choosing to be earning as a natural health practitioner after just three years!


We have the highest standard educators, professional staff and a warm welcoming environment @ very competitive prices.

PCNM courses are accredited with the following associations.


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